Pastor Severely Wounded Confronting Burglar

When a Pastors wife in Shelby County, TN, saw someone lurking around in their driveway at around 11:30 Monday evening, she went and got her husband.

“He (her husband) got his gun and decided to put it in like his pocket just in case,” Diana Frans said.

Brett Frans, the pastor of Calvary Bible Church in Munford, went outside to confront Jonathan Lee.

Lee had been walking down the street in the normally sleepy neighborhood, checking for unlocked cars and stealing items out of them.

Frans walked up to Lee, ordered him out of the vehicle, then told him he was going to call the police.

Lee then pulled out a gun and shot the pastor in the face.

“Hit my husband right in the face or shot him,” Diana said. “Then he just unloaded his gun on him.”

So many shots were fired in fact, neighbor Tom Barthalow who was in bed at the time. Said the gunfire sounded like a machine gun.

“I don’t know who shot first,” he said “… I know it was a lot of shots, though. Sounded like a full automatic to me.”

Pastor Frans returned fire, hitting Lee in the abdomen who then fled the scene.

Frans stumbled back to the house and his terrified wife.

“He fell onto the floor,” Diana said. “I was trying to call 911.”

Frans was rushed to Regional Medical Center for emergency surgery, but might lose the sight in his right eye, possibly both.

“He shot him in the eye,” Barthalow said. “He had his glasses on, it shattered. So, he just came out of surgery and they think, maybe he may lose both eyes.”

Meanwhile police investigated the crime scene and discovered the tool box in the back of the pastor’s truck pried open, and a pistol missing from the center console.

It is unknown at this time if the firearm used by Lee was that particular weapon.

Officers were able to locate Lee as he walked down Covington Pike Road. He was transported to the hospital where he was treated.

Lee was then released into the custody of waiting detectives who charged him with multiple felonies including burglary and attempted second degree murder.

Lee admitted to the thefts from vehicles but denied any involvement in the shooting.

The pastor is still in critical condition, but his wife is thankful he’s alive.

I could have lost my husband,” Diana said. “… we do believe it’s nothing short of a miracle. It was so traumatizing. I can’t even, I don’t even like reliving it. I’m so thankful he wasn’t killed.”

Those in the community of the quiet neighborhood say they are more alert now because of the shooting, and will be on the look out for other criminals like Lee.

“If he comes back, he’ll be a dead man,” Barthalow said.

Leaving the safety of your home to confront a criminal might not be the best decision. Remaining behind a locked door and calling the police to handle the situation is usually the best course of action. There is nothing in your car worth losing your life, or an eye, over.

Good home defense shouldn’t be an accident. Proper planning, mindset, and skills all come together to ensure the best possible outcome in a self-defense shooting.

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