Sonic Manager Wounded by Gunmen

Memphis, TN—A Sonic employee was shot during a robbery at the business located on Stage Rd.

According to Memphis Police Department, an employee was watching the door of the restaurant on Sunday night when she saw someone peek around the door.

Then, two gunmen swept into the business ordering her to give them the money. The terrified woman pointed at the cash register, and the men began grabbing money.

The locations manager heard the robbery going on and came out of the back of the restaurant firing with his own gun. The robbers returned fire, striking the manager in the leg, and fled the scene.

On their way out, two other employees told officers the gunmen ran up to them and ordered them to hand over their aprons. After they did, the gunmen fired shots at the employees before running across the street and fleeing in a gray Cadillac DeVille with large aftermarket rims in the shape of a stars.

In an interview with WREG, one woman said she had just driven up to the Sonic when the shooting occurred. As soon as bullets started flying the woman immediately drove away.

“My sister was like, ‘Don’t go.’ But something in my mind told me they were fixing to come check the cars next. They might rob the cars next, so I had to get on out,” she said.

In a statement Sonic released about the incident, the company says they are thankful no guests were injured in the exchange of gunfire, and that the owner of that particular franchise is fully cooperating with law enforcement authorities.

No reports yet on how the injured manager is doing at this time, but MPD is asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

While there might be other lessons which can be learned from this shooting, something that stands out is the wise decision of the woman interviewed by WREG who fled the scene of the shooting as soon as the gunfight began.

Against the advice of her sister, she choose to get away from the scene a quickly as possible.

This is generally the best course of action if it is available to you as it was to these women. If possible, it is better to extract yourself from a dangerous situation instead of freezing where you are and hoping they pass you by.

What lessons stand out to you? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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