Armed Brothers Stop Suspected Burglar

Memphis, Tennessee – Police were called to the scene of a reported shooting at C&A Diesel Services near East Raines Rd, early Friday morning.

When officers arrived, they were told by C.R. and Al Wilson they had been taking turns guarding the business at night after being robbed a few months back of 25 batteries worth approximately $200 apiece.

The brothers said the thief from that occasion had used bolt cutters to gain access to the fleet of vehicles located on the property.

The night of the shooting the suspect came back to rob them again, they told WREG.

The bothers told officers it was Al’s turn for night watch when the intruder showed up just after Al arrived for his shift at around 2 a.m.

Al had seen someone on the property and when he went to investigate, he spotted the suspect with something in his hand. The business owner opened fire and the intruder fell to the ground before getting up and running away, jumping a fence and leaving behind gloves and a pair of bolt cutters as he did.

“I surprised him when I raised the door, he went around the side and he had something in his hand, a shiny object. I couldn’t tell what it was. That is why I fired my gun,” Al told WREG.

The brothers say they want the police to know that they were only defending their business and not simply shooting indiscriminately,

“We are going to let police know what’s going on. We’re not out here for any Wild Bill shooting out here. We are out here taking care of our own,” Al said.

There are no reports of the suspect having been located, nor have there been any reports of charges filed against the brothers for their discharge of a weapon at the suspect.

The suspect was not located by officers so it is unknown at this time if the burglar was struck by the gunfire, but Al said he thought he might have wounded him.

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